thinking theology

The time is here. Let’s take the Christians out of Christmas and into the Incarnation. On the (now) feast of Christ the King, let’s concentrate on what the second coming and rule means in a third millennium world. On what is now Advent 1, we could look at the myths and stories about John the Baptist. On (now) Advent 2, we could think about how Jesus and John the Baptist together influence Christian thought. On (now) Advent 3, let’s think about how Mary is the model of ministry and let us espouse her as did Joseph, nurturing and lifting Jesus up. I say this because I think our imagination about ourselves as Jesus has not always been good, certainly for the clergy, but also for the church and its sense of entitlement. On what is now Advent 4, we could celebrate the feast of the Incarnation, with all the bells and liturgical whistles we associate with Christmas. That would give time to enjoy the solstice and allow us a theologically — rather than a secularly — driven christmas season.

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