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Hope for the Broken Heart

Good Friday Liturgy

(The music suggestions are examples of those used in a worshipping community.)

The Gathering of the Community

     “Wayfaring Stranger” by Waad

Presider: For the Mystery and the Presence my soul in silence waits.

All: From the Holy One comes hope and vision. 

Presider: Like the mountains, your promise is endurance

All: We shall not be moved but by love.

Presider: In the ocean of your Presence, life is nurtured,

All: Change and renewal within the womb of creation.

Presider: For the Mystery and the Presence my soul in silence waits.

All: Truly, my hope rests on the Holy One.

The Collect

All: Holy and merciful God, we gather in the name of Jesus, to remember his sacrifice and the model of his courage and compassion. Once more, we step onto the path that is the Way of Jesus. May we commit ourselves to your mission of peace, justice, and healing through Jesus our crucified and beloved Saviour. Amen.

Hymn: “When We Are Tested”
(Words: Ruth C. Duck © 1996 Hope Publishing Company. All rights reserved.)

Penitential Prayer

Presider: Let us offer to God our intention to follow the Way of Jesus with increased dedication and to love our neighbours with action as well as words.

All: Holy and loving God, we confess to you and to each other that we have failed in the commission that Jesus left us. We have not always loved our neighbours. We have been distracted by our own concerns. We have been slow to make peace, to bring justice or to see the Christ in others. We have forgotten that no one is an enemy and all are one family. We have forgotten that the earth is your garden, not our place to desecrate.  We have forgotten that you love all that lives on this planet and that all is yours.

Presider: By the cross and passion of Jesus your Beloved, may we find new determination, courage and compassion. May our will be one with yours. Amen.

First Reading: “Dialogue of the Saviour”

Matthew said, “Lord, I wish to see that place of life, that place in which there is no evil, but rather pure light. The Lord said, “Brother Matthew, you cannot see it as long as you wear the flesh.” Matthew said, “O Lord, even if I cannot see it, let me know it.” Jesus said, “Every one of you who has known yourself has seen it; everything that is fitting for you to do, you do it. And you have been doing it in your goodness.”

Second Reading: “Odes of Solomon” (27-28)

Christ speaks: “I extend my hands and bless you, O Holy One! I expand my hands in your sign; my outstretched arms are your holy cross…. They scorned me because in me there was no anger. Because I did good things, I was hated…. I carried water in my right hand. With sweetness I endured the bitter.

The Crucifixion of Jesus

(The congregation may remain seated for this reading, but is invited to stand for one minute of silence as we remember the death of Jesus.)

The Arrest and Betrayal: Luke 22:47-62

          “I Shall be Released” by Bob Dylan

The Trials and Sentencing: Luke 22:66-71, 23:1-25

         “There is a Quiet Place” by Norman C. Brown

The Crucifixion and Death of Jesus: Luke 23:26-49

The Burial of Jesus: Luke 23:49-54

         “Be Still and Know” by Isaac Slade


Music “God Weeps”
(Words: Shirley Erena Murray. Music: Jim Strathdee; Words © 1996 Hope Publishing Company. All rights reserved. Music © 1998 Jim and Jean Strathdee, Desert flower Music. All rights reserved.)

Meditation on the Cross 

Presider: This is the wood of the cross on which hung the Saviour of the world.

All: Come let us worship and renew our commitment to offer our lives as gifts to the Holy One, in thanksgiving for the life of Jesus. 

Presider: In the pain, misfortune, oppression, and death of the people, God is silent. God is silent on the cross, in the crucified. And this silence is God’s word, God’s cry. In solidarity, God speaks the language of love. Amen. (Jon Sobrino, El Salvador)


Presider: Holy God, bless us as we let die all that is not love. May we trust in the resurrection that is your gift of Life. Grant us pardon; bring us comfort. May our faith grow stronger and our eternal salvation be assured. We ask this through Christ our Beloved. Amen.

Postlude “This Bitter Earth” by Clyde Otis

Those who wish may take a few moments before the cross as they leave in silence. People are welcome to spend some time in contemplation. The service continues with the Great Vigil of Easter.

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