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Time to Reflect:
A Contemplative
Maundy Thursday Liturgy

(The focus of this liturgy is the commandment of Jesus that we love one another in community. In this lifestyle, we discover ourselves as friends and co-workers in the Divine purpose (John 15:15). This liturgy is designed to be a reflective preparation for Good Friday and Easter.)

(The service begins in darkness. Candles are lit as readings are finished.)

Leader: Loving God, who surrounded Jesus with friends and co-workers, bless us with the Spirit of Community. May we remember your presence in history and experience your presence with us in our gathering. Unite us in your vision of abundance, that these candles may be a sign of welcome and safety in this community.

Music: Instrumental or vocal music for meditation.

Selected Readings:

Exodus 15:22-27
Job 38:1-19

Light 1st candle.

Isaiah 49:14-16
Malachi 3:1-3a
Romans 8:18-25

Light 2nd candle.

Music for reflection.

Mark 14:3-9
John 13:2-9

Light 3rd candle.

Mark 14:22-25

Music for reflection.

Light 4th candle.

John 14:27-29

Music: Hymn or song sung as the lights go on.

Closing Prayer:

God of transformation and change, You bring us to face what we fear, but You never abandon us in the wilderness. Help us to begin our resurrection here in this community. May we be people of vision and a community of hope may Your love shape us into an Easter people this night and always.

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