thinking theology

Presider: May  God’s life enfold our lives.
All: May the Spirit quicken our imagination.

Presider: Let us rejoice.
All: May our hearts be compassionate and strong.

Presider: Let us give thanks to God.
All: May the work of our hands be turned to healing.

Presider: Mother and Father God, we give you thanks for the gift of your Beloved, who has become for us a sign of healing and new life. Out of the Divine Self, you formed all that we are, and more that is beyond our senses. You named it Good. When we open ourselves, we are surrounded by the holiness of the creation and by your presence within us and beyond us. With the song of all creation, we raise our voices in vibrant hope,


(A time for quiet)

Presider: Gracious God, as a sign to us of your ever-abiding love, you called the Christ into being in Jesus. He learned and grew in Wisdom and the Spirit. He responded to you and you called him “Beloved.” He laughed and danced with the wedding guests; he healed the sick and rebuked the powerful. He stood in solidarity with the poor, the outcast, the victims of his society. He wept and he feared and he raged at injustice. In all things, he shared our lives and experienced the fullness of your Presence.

With a full heart, with insight and compassion, a woman anointed him as prophet and in recognition of his imminent death. He received her blessing and instructed us to remember her whenever the good news is told.

At supper with his friends, Jesus blessed and broke bread, offering it to them as a sign of labour and of unity. He looked at them and said, “This, my body.” Then he took a cup of wine, a sign of life and family, and said to them, “This, my blood. When you do this, do it remembering me.”

All: In Christ we are one body, one blood, one family. May this become the truth for us.

(A time for quiet)

Presider: Remembering that Jesus became the Christ for us, may the Spirit of wind and fire sweep through these gifts and through us, opening us to new vision, filling our mouths with a new language and freeing us to hear your Word again. May we connect ourselves to the Jesus of history – who was known in the past, who is revealed in our present and who awaits us in the future. May we find revealed to us the Christ of all times who greets us at every crossroads and loves us into resurrection.
All: Amen, amen, amen.

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