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Easter Morning 2016

On Holy Saturday, we step into the night of mystery, of travelling by faith alone. In the darkness of the tomb, we rest and wait, with quiet assurance that we do not wait alone. It is the trust that Jesus has in the Holy One that supports us. We know that in death and in life we are held in the palm of the Maker. We know that Jesus promised never to abandon us, but to remain with us in our time of living by faith alone.

In the bright sunshine of Easter Day, we emerge to discover a new day, waiting to bring us surprises and new experiences. As we live through another Holy Week, we begin to learn that death is a passage to deeper, fuller life. All the little deaths of our lives help to teach us not to fear, but to understand, that at every crossroads, Christ is waiting to lead us into life. Death is a transition but life and love are forever. They are the web that weaves the stars together. They are the music of the universe. They are the spontaneous laughter of a child with an Easter egg, and the delighted chuckle of the adult who loves the child.

May you who have walked through dark valleys find that home is waiting for you. May you who carry heavy burdens discover that soon they will be lifted. May you trust when you cannot know; allow yourself to experience the mystery that is life, that will lead us to peace and joy in the unfolding of the universe of God’s love.

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  1. Randy McCormick said:

    … thank you for these thoughts Trudy … although we miss the stimulus of a regular ‘faith family’ your reflections help keep us in touch with the reality of one God, one Faith, one Love …

    • I wish you could find a church home again. For all the weaknesses of the institution, there is something to be said about the gathered community.

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