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Advent 4 Christmas 2017

For most of Advent, Ive been grumbling about the collision of dates but in preparation for the 8 am service, I suddenly realized how this year “trues” the message of Advent. it has come upon us suddenly, even though we knew it would come. It came as a surprise, illogically enough. I certainly was not as ready as I thought. Over breakfast, wremarked that it looked as though the apocalypse had happened in our living room, and baking, cleaning, decorating still had not happened. Despite all my obsessive organizing, things assumed new paths, new configurations, and it was all very good. Indeed, my organizing ales got in the way.

The message of John is prepare for God’s judgement, and that judgement i Jesus. Prepare for something new and unexpected to erupt in our midst, and a child cries in the night. Advent asks us to get ready, but nothing we can do will prepare us, nothing we can practice, will let us anticipate this improbable event. The judgement of God has come, and the judgement is love. The judgement is a blessing on our humanity. The judgement says all things shall be well. Open your hearts, and feel forgiven, freed and loved. And now we are ready for Christmas!

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