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Propers for February 2, 2020

The wisdom tradition can be traced back to Mesopotamia, from where so many ideas in Hebrew scripture originated. It can also be found in Egyptian, Hindu, Greek, and other religious traditions. Like the Great Commandment, it has an interfaith, intracultural, history. In our readings today, we can hear how significant Wisdom was for Judaism, as both Paul and the gospel writer employ it. Many theologians see Jesus the rabbi, as a Wisdom teacher.

Holy and wise are you O Holy One. As we praise and give thanks, May we learn to value justice beyond our present fears. May we seek transformation beyond the comfort of certainty. May compassion erase the boundaries that limit our growth in Christ. Let us pray in his name and for his sake. Amen

POP (This would go well with a one line sung refrain)
With awareness that you, O Holy One hear our searching hearts and minds, we pray to be signs and instruments of transformation.

We give thanks for all the blessings in life. For safety and comfort, for food and healing, for relationship with you and with each other, for life without end in a universe of possibility, we thank you.

For humans suffering everywhere: for refugees and victims of injustice, for women in their social, physical, and economic vulnerability; for people without money, or homes, or understanding; for those we love…………Enfold us all in your care.

For the earth and it’s creatures, let us act to end the abuse of land and sea. Let us stand with indigenous people everywhere who will help us save the earth with their ancient wisdom. On our sacrificial planet, let us treat all creatures with thanks for their lives that make our lives possible, bees and elephants, seeds and trees, all things green and blue, hard and soft, fierce and gentle.

For the governing of the nations, that the Spirit of Wisdom will sweep away the cruel and selfish and remind us that only compassion and reconciliation can deliver peace. May we use the instruments of politics and community service as we act with the passionate justice of our God.

As you receive our prayers, so may we hear your voice, calling us out of ourselves and into the eternal company of The Way of Jesus, for the sake of the world he loves. amen

Prayer over the Gifts
Loving God, we ask you to bless these gifts from our abundance of love, and comfort. May we use them in the works of justice and healing. Amen

Prayer after Communion
Gracious God, you have given minds to learn, hearts to be broken in compassion, and hands to heal. May your Spirit be carried with us as we travel through this week. In the name of the Trinity of love, we pray.

May the Creator of faith free our spirits to step beyond our history and culture. May the Wisdom of Jesus free us from superficial wealth to receive the spirit of generosity is relationship. May the Spirit of community hold us together beyond definition and in love.

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