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Anticipating Easter

The spring rains and April sunshine are awakening the earth. The crocuses that we planted on Ash Sunday are getting ready to bud. And yet, there is still Holy Week before the Easter for which we yearn. 

Why do we put ourselves through the spiritual purging of Holy Week? We know how the story ends, after all. I think the passage from the desperate cries of Palm Sunday, “Hosanna. Save us!” to the joy of resurrection, invite us to see this reality in each of our lives and in the life of our nations and even the earth. Birth and death are both struggles into new life, new awareness. We can engage in these struggles as active participants. I invite you to allow yourselves to use this Holy Week to deepen the appreciation of the Divine working in our lives, both in shadow and in sunshine. 

From the cries of the crowd to the stillness of Good Friday, we walk a holy path in solidarity with all who suffer and with the communities of love and faith that gather in gardens, at altars, by candles, waiting in hope. 

When we shout, “ Hosanna; save us!”, let us hear the voice of the Holy One, saying, “I already have. Come to the feast of love and life… and bring your friends.”

Come to grieve for our world; come in hope. Come to rejoice that love is eternal, resilient like those pesky dandelions. Come because we are incomplete without

you. Come to the feast of life… and bring your friends.