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who and why

My name is Trudy Lebans. Sometimes I use my full name, Gertrude. I am a poet, a mother, a grandmother, a partner, an anglican priest, a theologian, and a wildly imaginative, mindful, intentional human being. I write because I can’t find what I need or someone has made a request, or the story is telling itself.

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  1. Susan Wilson said:

    Hi Trudy, I loved your story about the “Happy Land”. Thanks for sharing. Susan+

  2. Trudy, as a senior, who has walked the way, without knowing the way, I really appreciate your open hearted, wise, and confusing, words! They resonate with my experience of faith, not knowing, but reflecting whatever light can be seen .

    I am delighted that you continue at St. Matt’s and St James, where many fine minds and lovinG hearts have followed the path without knowing the end…bless them all, and keep up the good work! Blessings to all! Dick Rokeby

  3. “Identity crisis” is brilliant! Thank you! – Elina
    PS I am still loving your Communion liturgies! ❤️

  4. Meredith Hill said:

    Thank you for your Facebook post explaining your move and Another thanks to Jennifer for posting the link. I have years and years of entries so I started small with two categories, Christology and Death. Oh Lordy, what a treasure trove to explore.,

  5. Michael McMurray said:

    Hello Trudy,
    Seeds of Good Friday is a good read. Transition and death. Complex issues we all deal with, in some fashion.
    Thank you for the impetus to reflection.

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