thinking theology

I was thinking about the stories we tell each other as a way to explain what we feel, believe, hope. My grandmother died on Ash Wednesday and the family’s historical comment is that she couldn’t face another gloomy season. I think it’s unfortunate that we think of Lent as gloomy. In the early church, the season before Lent was a time of excitement as catechumens prepared themselves for baptism at Easter. And baptism was a life changing experience. I wonder how many of us are creating a story about our preparation for Easter. I wonder how many of us look forward with excitement to experiencing the resurrection in our own lives again. I wonder how many of us feel a catch of awe at the idea that the Holy Spirit will invade our lives with creativity and passion. Maybe we should think of our lives as sacred stories to be working on and inviting others to create their own stories also. What might the Pentecost history be this 2015?

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